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I must say, Oak Brook School is a parent’s dream! Both my son and daughter grew up at this school and have become well mannered, happy, and cheerful students. I also grew up into parenthood here as I watched my children learn, play, learn life’s early lesson, and make friends. It has been such a pleasure working with such a caring staff, they are truly interested in your child and always have the children’s best interests at heart. The recent changes to the school are icing on the cake! I am so proud to tell other parents that my children go to Oak Brook School in Murphy and always recommend them to new parents looking for good quality child care

Oscar JR

My two daughters, 10 (after school) and 6 (Private Kindergarten), attend Oak Brook School since they were 3 years old . This has been a wonderful experience for both. They love the meals that they serve there. The Kindergarten curriculum is excellent. My oldest daughter not only academically but socially advanced when she entered public school. The facility is great and they have been doing a lot of improvement in recent months.

The staff is also very helpful, quick to respond and friendly when you walk in. Really can’t complain about anything there. Highly recommended!!

Katherine V

I was really scared when my daughter had to start going to school.I was very worried about her being away from me.A friend recommended that I take her to oakbrook since she had two kids there and has never been dissappointed.That is exactly what I did and I do not have any regrets.The teachers and very nice,friendly and trustworth.I spend my day at work peacefully when my daughter is at school.She loves going to school and spending time with her teachers.I glad I chose Oak Brook School for my daughter. The environment is safe,clean and full of learning experiences

Harriet K

My 4 year old and 2 year old been attending Oak Brook School since June this year and they absolutely love it! All the teachers are nice and very kind. Jennifer and Monica at the front desk are very nice. They Always have a smile on their faces when you walk In to drop/pick up the kids. I feel like my kids been learning a lot and are having lots of fun at the same time at Oak Brook school. I’m confident that my 4 year old will be more than ready for kindergarten next year thanks to the wonderful teachers at Oak Brook school.

Jemima M

We are in our 5th year at Oak Brook. My son started as a pre-schooler, did the private kindergarten there (which was fantastic) and is now in his second year as an after-schooler / summer program attendee. While like all schools, Oak Brook has had staff turn-over, most core staff, from the Director to the kitchen staff has been very stable for the entire time we have been there. This creates a great bond with the kids and with the parents.

Finally, Oak Brook has recently undergone a change in ownership which so far has been nothing but positive. It is clear that the new owners are committed to creating a safe, fun, clean and stimulating environment for the kids.

Nathalie P

We started our twins at Oak Brook right before they turned two. We love the teachers and the office staff. The kids bring home crafts and projects they do during class time and I’m very happy with how much they’re learning. Also, one of my kids is very clingy with me. He often cried when I dropped him off – totally normal for him and his age – but the teachers were there to comfort him immediately, and by the time I made it to the front office with the video feed, he was happy and playing. It was like magic. Both kids are always happy and smiling when I pick them up, and I’ve seen the teachers sit and comfort other kids when they’re sad or having a hard time. I love seeing how much the teachers care.

My twins have been here over a year and are now in the three year old class. One of my twins was slow potty training, and at the time, the three year olds had to be potty trained to move up to the next class. We didn’t want to hold one twin back, so we ended up switching to another nearby, more expensive school. I absolutely hated it. It could have been the teacher in that class, but at the other school, the students sat at the tables for 80% of the day. They hardly brought home any crafts/projects, and almost every extracurricular at the school cost money. At Oak Brook, computer classes, gym class (the other school did not have an indoor gym), Spanish class, and music class are included. These classes have dedicated teachers, and it gets the kids out of the classroom. In their class, there are two areas. An open area with steps for the kids to sit on, and then the area with the tables. All the extracurricular classes and the separate areas of the classroom are wonderful for the kids. They’re not sitting in one place forever. They’re moving and actively learning.

Trey W

Our son has been going to Oak Brook for 3.5 years and he loves it.  We have never had any issues with the school or the staff.  He is now an after schooler there and still enjoys it.  Tuition is priced fairly compared to other schools.  We did quite an extensive search for a school before deciding on Oak Brook and have always been happy with the decision.  We were concerned when new ownership took over, but have seen nothing but good changes so far.  Tuition has increased but that is to be expected and still competitive with other schools in the area.

Matt K

My son came from a much more expensive preschool, the Grove, before he started Oak Brook and I can say this school suprised me at how wonderful they are with the kids and their education.  Now my son is attending private kindergarten and even starting to read.  He’s learned so much more than anywhere else!  I love this school.  The teachers are awesome and the office staff.   They all care about your kids and do their best to make everything smooth and help when your baby runs off crying.  If you are looking in the area, try Oak Brook, you won’t be disappointed!

Susanna S

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Oak Brook School!!  My son started when he was 2 1/2 years old after being at an in home daycare since he was 3 months old.  The staff was wonderful and made the transition as easy as possible for us.  The comforted him as much as he needed and did nothing but put me at ease and urged me to call and check on him if I needed or answered any questions that I had they have wonderful communication!  He is now thriving in their programs and LOVES going to school.  So happy to have found them when we did!

Casey T

This is our second year at Oak Brook and we absolutely love it!  The staff is professional and amazing!  My daughters have gotten a Kindergarten curriculum and are more than ready for Kindergarten when they enter it.  My daughters get a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.  My youngest walks around the house counting or singing in Spanish because she has Spanish twice a week.  They also have computer class twice a week and they attend music class once a week.  This has been the best place for my children.

Ann R